Has Your Computer Been Compromised?

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Here's some basic info about this offer from Weatherford Internet Consulting

What's this about?!

WEATHERFORD INTERNET CONSULTING is a managed service provider using The Nations Best Virus removal & PC optimization tools, PC Matic! from the makers of PC Pit stop.  A Managed Service Provider is a technician that can offer services from their location, to fix, repair or install software on your Computer.  We are a small business in South Carolina, We mainly service clients in our local area with web design, local internet marketing, and tech support. However, this year James decided... "Hey, what if I reached out and offered free virus removal to anyone and if they liked my service, they can choose to sign up?" And our free virus removal program was born. 

So this is how it works.

Weatherford Internet Consulting is licensed by PC Matic to use their award-winning software to help people like you.  Sure you could go buy PC Matic, install it yourself and spend the rest of the day setting it up, or... You could click the link below, give me a few brief sentences about what's going on, and let me fix it for you.

Sound too easy? it is!

Once I receive your message, I will send you a download link via email, you simply download the PC Matic Software from the secure link and install it on your computer. After its installed, return to this page and open the live chat window at the bottom. tell me the name you gave your computer at the time of the software install and that that you are ready to proceed.  I will then start the virus scan and attempt to remove the pest.  That all you need to do, the rest is up to me. kick back and enjoy the show.  When its all said and done, if you are 100% satisfied, you can keep the PC Matic software on your computer for the low cost of 24.00 a year! Stay protected and never worry about viruses again! PC Matic will continually monitor, clean and protect your computer for as long as its installed.   

Are we crazy?  could be!  

but im willing to bet that 24 bucks is a small price to pay for the peace of mind knowing that your computer is protected from this sort of thing happening again.    If you have any questions please feel free to use the live message box at the bottom of this page and we will try to answer you in the order that your message was received.   

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WEATHERFORD INTERNET CONSULTING IS is trusted by local South Carolina Business such as...

  • Sutton Energy Solutions Gaston SC
  • The Davis Law Firm Orangeburg SC
  • The Bill Connor Law Firm Orangeburg SC
  • Doremus Law Firm Orangeburg SC
  • The Willis Blume agency Orangeburg SC
  • Connors Health Care For Women Orangeburg SC
  • and many more!....



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Phone: 803.308.8032