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My name is James Weatherford. I am an Internet Consultant in a small Town In South Carolina. Yes, South Carolina has The Internet... 

I'm going to get right to the point. 

My job is to consult the older more stable businesses that have been left in the dark by the fast moving pace of the internet, and get them online and up to date.  Sounds simple right? well yes and no, let me explain...

No offense, but most of my clients have no chance of learning how to use the internet for business. And lets dont even get started on their outdated 1990's websites. These older cats that have been in business or decades are pros at what they do, but outside of their brick and mortar offices and storefronts they dont stand a chance!

This is where I come in. 

I create a new easy to use mobile optimized website for their already established business. 

Next, I set up funnels to capture leads and create a few facebook and/or google ads and start driving traffic to them. simple 1. 2. 3. 

For these types of clients, I charge them a monthly fee and do it for them. I typically get 500 to 1000 dollars to manage their SEO and ad campaigns, and they are happy to pay it.  Its a win-win situation. 


Now for the other guys...
Who are a bit younger and a little more up to speed, well this is a bit different. These guys are quick to dissect everything I do and even want me to tell teach them everything I know! We set up and run a few ads, next thing you know these guys are canceling service agreements with a nice letter saying "I believe we can do this in
house..." or something like that.

No sweat! I get it, these cats didn't get where they are for nothing, they are smart. But you can't learn internet marketing overnight. 

And you certainly can't take one funnel or ad campaign and run your business forever right? 

So, what do you do? 

I needed a way to continue to make money off of my "Graduated clients" but I don't have hours to spend creating video courses and even if I did i'm not going to just give it away for free.  

Then I found this...   




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LIMITED TIME OFFER- Done-For-You Setup Service

Complete Setup Service so you can kickstart your info-product selling business instantly.

You don’t need to worry about content creation, SEO, complete site setup, product uploading, images, graphics, setting up payment integrations, creating any sales material, testing and tweaking it with a huge ad budget and almost everything that holds you back. Just provide us with few details, and our dedicated team will setup everything for you. Just get the links and start selling right away. We wanna see you succeed in the shortest time possible.

No Manual Work, No Complicated Or Recurring Softwares Required Create Highly Professional Courses And Funnels
In 3 Easy Steps

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