The world needs better security - and we are the only ones that have it

"Weatherford Internet Consulting's commitment to the security and privacy of your data is of vital importance,
and we are committed to protecting you and your business from any attempts to compromise it."

Keeping Your Data Secure is at the Core of What We Do

All other security products just treat the symptoms of malware and unauthorized access. We block it before it can even get started. We are the revolution in computing - to make us secure again and to keep us secure against future threats.

  • Award-Winning
  • Whitelist Technology
  • NEXT-Generation Remediation
  • Remote Administration

  • Proactive Protection
  • Cloud-Based Console
  • Virtual Machine Security
  • Server Support with Active Directory Services

Businesses and governments spend billions on security, yet none of us are secure. Ransomware, polymorphic viruses and APTs are a threat to us all. No security software has been able to thwart all of these attacks, until now.

Superior Endpoint Security, Whitelist Technology

PC Matic PRO has a new approach to securing customers data with our exclusive Whitelist technology.

Only ‘trusted’ applications run on the endpoint with a Closed Loop Security approach. If an executable is not on the Whitelist, PC Matic PRO Security blocks it, and uploads the sample for immediate analysis.

Never will the customer’s data or organization be compromised.

Easy-to-Manage and Scale

We set up and manage your devices centrally from a single place and configure functionality to deliver the right security to the right people.

Zero Touch Depoyment


Pre-configure settings, simple deployment, and installation.

Cloud Based


Cloud-Based Technology means Low CPU loads on all of your endpoints

Metrics View


Key metrics such as CPU load, storage, and bandwidth usage delivered to your inbox.