When you're driving down the road, and you notice a rental company delivery truck visibly dirty, what does that say about the company?

Believe it or not, that's a potential customer's first impression, and it's an opinion that may lead him/her not to do business with that company. Website first impressions can have an equal effect.

When websites are designed correctly, they can improve traffic flow to your store, and make the rental process more efficient.

The first thing people usually do when they hear a name of a company is going to the Web to discover more.

If your rental business doesn't have an efficient website or has a site that's out-of-date, then you are potentially losing money to your competitors.

Because websites are one of the most common forms of advertising, they can work as an expansion of your store. Many rental businesses must focus on producing a better web presence. With Weatherford Internet Consulting we build websites for equipment rental companies with hand-written content specifically for your service. 


Set your own rules and monetize your community, open or private.



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Websites designed with your business in mind.



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