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With the Democratic and Republican primaries coming up Tuesday, T&D Region voters should be aware they can only vote in one of the party primaries. And while officials with both parties want voters to participate in their primary, Orangeburg County Democratic Party Chairman Kenny Glover says

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Democrats understand all children should be able to lead joyful, successful lives. That’s why we’re committed to guaranteeing the next generation has access to quality education and the means to propel our economy forward. Our country is strongest when our workers are qualified with the knowledge and resourcefulness to produce at the highest levels. Every child should have the chance to reach that extent and to fulfill the "American Dream."

Democrats have long viewed education as the key to success, both for people and for our nation. In 1944, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt passed the G.I. Bill, a milestone piece of legislation that provided World War II veterans with possibilities for higher education. The G.I. Bill helped build the modern middle class in America. And in 1965, Lyndon B. Johnson and a Democratic Congress passed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act with the purpose of presenting a quality education to every child.

In recent years Democrats have further expanded access to higher education and restructured and dramatically extended college financial aid, while making federal programs easier, more stable, and more useful for students. In 2010, President Obama signed into law student loan reform that cut out the use of big banks. The Obama administration also multiplied our investment in Pell Grants and made it simpler for students to pay back student loans. President Obama has fought to reform the higher education system and funded the most in student aid since the G.I. Bill. Democrats believe in protecting that progress because affordable public education is the underpinning of our middle class.

President Barack Obama gives the address at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, May 5, 2013.

Democrats want every child - no matter where they live - to have access to a quality public K-12 education, and for college to be reasonably affordable for all Americans. We know that as the global marketplace becomes more competitive, we need to increase opportunities for higher education and job education. Democrats are dedicated to improving the college-completion rates as well as the share of students who are qualified for growing industries with unique job-related skills.

Democrats understand that education is the most urgent economic issue in America’s future, and we cannot permit America to fall behind in a global economy. We must prepare the next generation for achieving success in college and also the workforce.


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When more people vote, Democrats win. That’s why we’re committed to reaching 50 million Americans about voting this year. Help elect Democrats from the school board to the Senate and let us know you’ll be voting.
Together, we can elect Democrats from coast to coast — join us and commit to vote.

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